About Frevtrade

Freedom Revolution Trading was founded by a professional Forex trader from Singapore. During his years of experience and success, he realised that trading could actually be made alot easier for everyone if one was able to achieve the perfect blend of fundamental trading, technical trading and cutting edge technology.

He noticed a prevalent issue which affected most people. TIME CONSTRAINT. Many people would love to trade Forex however they are unable to allocate adequate time to sit infront of their computer all day and monitor charts.

He set out on a goal to make a newbie-friendly mobile app that would allow people to trade on the go and stay updated with the ever changing market conditions. Freedom Revolution trading worked with the best programmers in the industry to develop our mobile app.

Finally after years of development and testing, our mobile app is finally here. The Freedom Revolution Trading app makes Forex trading so easy that you can trade on the go by using your phone and you no longer need to spend countless hours watching the charts infront of your computer.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us and we hope that you will have a pleasant experience using our mobile app.